HOT TOWEL SHAVE     $25.00


No Bumps no Rash Includes: three hot steam towels, cleansing treatments, moisturizing lotions, and a great close shave. So soothing, we may have to wake you up when we're done.

Hot steamed towels or applied to your face form three minutes increments at a time.
We start with a pre-shave oil which shields your skin and mellows your facial hair before we start shaving.
Then a warm rich lather from the hot lather machine is applied which softens the facial hair and lifts it from your face. The barber then applies a straight razor gently across your face. The shave is ended with after a
moisturizer is applied to leave your skin feeling sooth, refresh and rejuvenated. Then you will Fee Like A Gentleman.


We use the Art of Shaving Line of products